On Turning 26

I know I've had an extended hiatus from writing since February but I hope to be back now with at least some regularity. I turned 26 last week and am writing this short, belated birthday post about my three regrets of the past five years and my three hopes for the next five years. The … Continue reading On Turning 26

New Age Aphrodite

Body-Image Body. Image. If CSI powdered humanity with the dust of the earth traces of divine fingerprints would stand out in the dirt. But no. No. NO. Natural beauty isn't enough because it's just that: natural. Hated is anything not 'perfected' by man. A form shrouded in the mists of time finds no welcome in … Continue reading New Age Aphrodite

A Second Prayer for the Sexually Tempted

Un-mask Coursing. Rushing Fool's heroine running wild through veins Panting The slow build of steady fire, flames sweetly consuming stomach lining. Bidden, begged for Butterflies? Nah, some crazed creature with claws. Tearing resistance away with promised pleasure. Palpable, the color of passion consumes intimate places pulsate Red not the angry kind. Stop. Thoughts screeching. Look … Continue reading A Second Prayer for the Sexually Tempted