Recommended Articles

The following are some articles I have found particularly used in my own life as a channel for conviction, a trigger to inspiration, a lesson in humility, or provoking in thought.

Suffering & Darkness

“God Brings us Suffering for Others’ Sake” Dave Zulegar (

“How Long, O Lord?”Jon Bloom (

“If I Only Knew Why” Vaneetha Rendell Risner (

Convicting & Thought-Provoking

“Seven Subtle Symptoms of Pride” Fabienne Harford (

“Goodbye Good Girl” Erin Davis (thegospelcoalition)

” 9 Sins the Church is Okay With” Frank Powell (faithit)

“This is How We Date Now” Jamie Varon (thoughtcatalog)

Women’s Topics/Romantic Life

“The Non-Coffee Date and Trusting God not Men” Lore Ferguson Wilbert

“The Beauty of Womanhood” Abigail Dodds (

“Drunk in Love” Phillip Holmes (