Dreams Ought Not be god

"Follow your dreams" If there's one statement that sums up the overall American mindset for the last hundred years, it's that. A relic from our ancestors' "American dream," exalting dreams to a status they neither deserve nor can fulfill is almost in our blood. And for the follower of Christ, dreams must first be submitted … Continue reading Dreams Ought Not be god

Grief: 600 Days Later

600 Days. Terrible. Impossible. Unwanted. 14,400 Hours. Without you. Without us. Me without a mom. 1 year. 7 months. 23 days. How on earth am I here without you? Time is still marked by your absence, whether I will it or not. There’s so many things I want to tell you. So much about my … Continue reading Grief: 600 Days Later

On Turning 25: The Failure of Youth as All-Satisfying

We are inundated every day with messages that say the late-teen/early 20s of one’s life are to be some of the best, filled with sunshine and everything beautiful sustained by the vigor of youth (and used to whatever end our little hearts desire). These subconscious expectations caused terrible dysphoria because mine were bleak, tear-stained years … Continue reading On Turning 25: The Failure of Youth as All-Satisfying

What if America was Never “Great?”

I generally refrain from political posts but the slogan of a certain tangerine-colored Republican, along with its many earned shouts of agreement nation-wide,  has tripped my "thinking wire" several times in the last year. I will advocate for neither Trump nor Hillary (I am on neither side because neither candidate is on my side, dear … Continue reading What if America was Never “Great?”