Are Christians Guaranteed Safe Spaces?

There's a lot of venom flying in all sorts of directions between generations these days. From the younger generations come the cries that "no one understands us" and "you do you" and "I just need a place where I can be myself." The older generations then counter with "you're all just snowflakes" and "at 18 … Continue reading Are Christians Guaranteed Safe Spaces?


Encouragement for the Indecisive Graduate

"You could've been a doctor after 8 years of schooling" “Are you going to be employable after you get your Master’s?” I sighed. Cue the waves of regret. These two statements threatened to put a huge damper on any excitement for my upcoming entrance into seminary. Because they’re true. I could've been a doctor in … Continue reading Encouragement for the Indecisive Graduate

What if America was Never “Great?”

I generally refrain from political posts but the slogan of a certain tangerine-colored Republican, along with its many earned shouts of agreement nation-wide,  has tripped my "thinking wire" several times in the last year. I will advocate for neither Trump nor Hillary (I am on neither side because neither candidate is on my side, dear … Continue reading What if America was Never “Great?”