Top 6 Books of 2017

I didn't read near as much this year as I normally do with everything going on and handling immense amounts of grief and turmoil but here are my top 6 books of 2017 with short blurbs about why I think they're worth picking up! They're listed in the order I read them, not necessarily in … Continue reading Top 6 Books of 2017


Facing the Trump Presidency as a Female Believer

I'll be the first to admit that I've never been fond of politics; their very mention caused enough vitriol over the mealtimes of my childhood to make me want to stay blissfully uninterested from a young age. But my Lord calls me to be interested in the affairs of the nation I reside in, not … Continue reading Facing the Trump Presidency as a Female Believer

What if America was Never “Great?”

I generally refrain from political posts but the slogan of a certain tangerine-colored Republican, along with its many earned shouts of agreement nation-wide, ┬áhas tripped my "thinking wire" several times in the last year. I will advocate for neither Trump nor Hillary (I am on neither side because neither candidate is on my side, dear … Continue reading What if America was Never “Great?”