This blog is for those who aren’t Christians, aren’t sure, hate Christians (and all we stand for), have been hurt by the church, think Christianity as a whole should be eradicated and everyone in between. I welcome you most earnestly. Feel free to ask questions about any posts you read.

This blog is also for Christians to be uplifted, convicted, and ultimately more shown the wonder of our Lord by the obstacles, sin, and grace I share from my own walk.

All you need to know about me is that I am scarred by my past, suffering in my present, and forever undeservedly loved in my future.

“Call out to Me and I will teach you great and unsearchable things you do not know” Jeremiah 33:3


5 thoughts on “Who?

  1. Calley, I was so blessed and encouraged by your article on Desiring God as I, too, have wondered how to be transparent with my Christian community concerning my struggles with lust. Thanks for continuing to point sisters like me to the incomparable riches we have in our Savior.

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  2. Cally,
    I just wanted to thank you for writing “Alone”. It is completely and utterly inspired! I’ve been struggling for an unknown number of years, and Jesus has freed me from captivity twice now, the most recent being sometime last year. You didn’t specifically touch on it, but I can tell the article includes the difficulty of conquering the addiction to it as well. The article touched me. I knew, intellectually, that I’m not alone in the need of His daily rescue. How refreshing it is to know, now in my heart, that the struggle is not unique!

    My heartfelt thanks, Sister.


  3. I very much enjoyed your guest article on DesiringGod.org (“Are All Your Friends Your Age?”). I’m going to have to respond to that as an “older” person (68 years) and as a former pastor.
    Memories of the small Baptist church where as a 15-year-old I encountered Jesus Christ through the kindness and acceptance of other teens tend to resurface these days as I seek two very elusive conditions:
    1) A church whose teaching is designed to hold Jesus Christ up for adoration, wonder, and worship, whose message is about God–NOT centered around therapy, social issues, family issues, coping with modern life, etc.
    2) A church with a healthy, holy component of integration–people young and old listening to and caring for one another, advising and encouraging and laughing–and weeping–together. [in that church where I met the Lord, I still recall the unusual–though I didn’t know it at the time–willingness of young and old to congregate and converse with one another. It wasn’t perfect; some of the oldsters were standoffish toward teens and young adults and a few of the younger group reciprocated in kind. But looking back I see how atypical my experience was, even in the mid to late 1960s.]
    Bless you, sister, for your forthrightness and Biblical-thinking words!


  4. Hi! I very much enjoyed another article on Desire God “Is God wasting my life”?

    I have spent one year in Austria, where I could pick some German. Volunteering at Tauernhof (http://tauernhofaustria.at/en/volunteering//) was really inexpensive and a great time of my life. Maybe you might try as well? Feel free to write me at nilbberth@gmail.com if you want to know something that is not on the website.

    Btw, I really enjoyed your writing and for me, funny enough, writing to Desire God would be a dream come true. Maybe we should swap realities! 🙂

    All the best


  5. Your guest post on desiringgod.org put into words many things I have also felt. Adventure, obedience, and the call to stay in the small Midwestern town. At one point life was full of various adventures and yet God has taught me so much in staying. Thanks for sharing!


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